Stu Baker

I help end users find actionable information from their structured and unstructured data


Picture of me, looking good

I'm passionate about continuous improvement, about doing things in a lean way. I got into this business for three reasons: 1) the joy of working with data, 2) to navigate users through the Swamps of Data-oba to seek out answers and 3) to use these answers to find new ways to improve our processes.

I like metrics, and unearthing information we can act on. I like solving problems, the harder the better; working through something challenging is what lights my fire. Have something interesting for me? Drop me a line!


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BI Skill Points

This is my blog where I write about tips and tricks in the Microsoft BI stack and other interesting tidbits I find around the interwebs. I'm listing this under projects as a motivator (since I need to blog more).


Board Game Something(?)

Over the last year my friends have sucked me into the world of board games, specifically Eurogames. The go-to site for board games is, which unfortunately looks like it was designed in the early 90's. I don't claim to be a great designer myself, but since they've got an API and I like mashups, I'm pondering some ideas for a board-game centric site.

Top section of Shiny Affiliate demo

Shiny Affiliate

This is a demo site I created that utilizes Amazon's Product Advertising API to allow you to sell items as an affiliate. Since URLs need to be signed using your private key, you do need some server-side processing to handle requests; I originally wrote this in PHP (since that's what I knew at the time), and have iterated over this code so it hits the server as little as possible.


Business Intelligence (BI) Developer

I work with the Microsoft BI stack to turn our data into actionable information. Whether that be by creating reports in Reporting Services (SSRS), fishing data from our corporate database and preparing it for storage in Integration Services (SSIS), or creating easy-to-browse structures in the form of cubes in Analysis Services (SSAS), I'm up for it all. I love learning new and interesting ways to solve problems, and BI Development provides me with many interesting opportunities.


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Querying SQL Server 2012

Master's, Management Information Systems, 2014

* also known as very expensive pieces of paper

Skills (or acronyms galore!)

Web Markup: HTML5, CSS3
MS BI Stack: Integration, Analysis, Reporting Services
Web Scripting: Javascript, Node.js, PHP
Big Data: Hadoop, MongoDB
Dev Ops: Requirements Gathering, Customer Service
Dev Methods: Agile, Scrum, Git